Apply For... Renewal of a Short-Term Rental Permit for 2022

Bingham Township is now accepting Short Term Rental Permit Renewal Applications for calendar year 2022.

2021 Short-Term Rental Permit Holders in good standing can renew their Short Term Rental Permit for 2022 and maintain their standing until March 1, 2022.

For renewal, complete the 2022 Short-Term Rental Permit Renewal Application.

Indicate whether there are any changes to the Authorized Agent, 24-Hour Contact, Occupancy, or Site Plan from the 2021 Permit. If there are changes, note the changes on an Original Application.

Submit the renewal form and renewal fee ($300 payable to Bingham Township) to the Bingham Township Zoning Administrator at:

Bingham Township Zoning Administrator

c/o PO Box 457, Suttons Bay, MI  49682

or drop-off c/o the Suttons Bay Zoning Office, 95 W. Fourth Street, Suttons Bay, MI  49682.

Forms can be emailed to

This page last updated on 5/13/2021.