Housing Action Committee

The Housing Action Committee (HAC) was appointed by the Leelanau County Planning Commission in 2017, following support by the County Board of Commissioners.  The County Board of Commissioners approved a set of actions/goals for the HAC.  The HAC held its first meeting in May.  

Meetings are scheduled at least monthly, and day/time may vary.  If you are interested in being on the email list for meetings, please send an email to housing@co.leelanau.mi.us or call 256-9812.

The HAC has developed a 'checklist' for Housing Readiness Communities (HRC).  The checklist has been distributed to townships and villages as HAC members make short presentations to planning commissions and boards.  The checklist is designed to help communities evaluate their own standards, strategies, plans, and ordinances to ensure they are designed in a way that meets local needs for workforce housing. 

 2022 Adopted Meeting Schedule

This page last updated on 2/25/2022.