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Planning Sign on old office

Location:  The Leelanau County Planning and Community Development office is located at 8527 E Government Center Dr, Suite 108, Suttons Bay MI 49682. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The County Planning office provides a variety of technical support functions to the County Board of Commissioners, the County Planning Commission, the Solid Waste Council, the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Leelanau Clean Water and local units of government. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Representing the County in Peninsula-wide committees and task forces, as well as regional planning and economic development groups.
  • Assistance in maintaining, updating, and implementing the Leelanau General Plan.
  • Responding to data requests from citizens, outside interests, local units, and county entities.
  • Maintaining County-wide socio-economic, census, and environmental data bases, as well as a Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Address and road name assignment and administration.
  • Spearheading special studies, projects, and reports for the County Board and/or other entities as assigned.
  • Assisting with the creation and updating of land-use plans and zoning ordinances of local governments, and preparing analysis on these plans and ordinances for the County Planning Commission.
  • Administration of the County's affordable housing program.
  • Monitoring land use and planning issues, state and federal planning policies and programs, conducting background studies and making recommendations for planning needs in the County.
  • Budgeting and other administrative functions for the Planning Department.
This page last updated on 10/28/2020.
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