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dispatch_workstation_1.jpgLeelanau County Information Technology Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of all of Leelanau County's Information Management Systems. This includes systems for Property Valuation & Tax Processing, Deed Recording, 911 Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Records and Jail Management, GIS, Fund Accounting, Building Inspections, the Leelanau Government Community Web Services, and more.

In all there are over 130 workstations and over 14 servers handling the county data processing needs. Systems at the new Government Center and Law Enforcement Center are "state of the art" systems with most critical services available 24-7 even during power outages.

Communication links to Grand Traverse County for District and Circuit Court records as well as links to the State of Michigan system provide access to statewide information for the Prosecuting Attorney's Office as well as LEIN information for Law Enforcement and the Grand Traverse Band Police Department.

Increased security at the new facility allow for controlled access to individual areas with the complex.  Video surveillance and recording have also been installed to monitor the campus.  Public WiFi internet services have been installed thru out the campus for public access to the internet while doing business at the Government Center.  Video Conferencing equipment has been installed in the Jail and Courtrooms for Video Arraignments and is also available at the Grand Traverse Band's Courts.



This page last updated on 6/9/2023.
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