Leelanau County Land Bank

2023 Approved LC-LBA Meeting Schedule 

What is a Land Bank?

A land bank is a public authority created to efficiently acquire, hold manage and develop tax-foreclosed property, as well as other vacant, blighted, obsolete and abandoned properties.

What is the problem?

Recent changes to Michigan’s tax foreclosure laws were helpful, but the Land Bank concept completes the solution...

  • Eliminates the loss of local control common to property sales at tax auctions

  • Minimizes contagious blight
  • Eliminates low-end speculation
  • Increases land sale proceeds resulting from higher property value

The Leelanau County Land Bank Fast Track Authority (LC-LBA) was established in 2008 with an intergovernmental agreement with the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority.  The LC-LBA is a separate legal entity and public body corporate which administers and executes the purposes and objectives of the Agreement.

PLEASE BE SURE to contact the County Treasurer as Chair of the Land Bank Authority, if you wish to verify the documents posted on this site are the most current version.

This page last updated on 1/17/2023.
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