Myles Kimmerly Park

Myles Kimmerly Park

Myles Kimmerly Park 

Size:  143 acres

Service Area:  Entire County

Park and Recreation Area

The Myles Kimmerly Recreation Area which includes the 4-H Park is located on both sides of County Road 616 in Kasson Township.  This park's amenities provide the opportunity for team sports such as soccer matches and baseball leagues; individual sports such as tennis and disc golf; group gatherings; and nature experiences.  Development of this park was made possible by the Cedar Lions Club in 1974.

Myles Kimmerly Park Rules

Facilities include:

  1. The Patrick Hobbins Hiking Trail, dedicated in 2003 - ¾ mile in length
  2. Soccer Fields - spring, summer, and fall
  3. Disc Golf Course - 18 holes
  4. Maintenance Building
  5. Picnic Shelters with Picnic Tables (4)
  6. Playground
    1. Large Swing - adult
    2. Baby Swings
    3. Merry-go-Round
    4. Monkey Bars
    5. Play Activity Center/Play Set
    6. Balance Beam
  7. Basketball Court (1)
  8. Tennis Courts (2)
  9. Driving Range
  10. Ball Diamonds (3) with Bleachers; two have dug outs (leagues)
  11. Volleyball Court
  12. Sand Box
  13. Pit Toilets
  14. Water Hydrants (5)
  15. Grills
  16. Forested Area
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