Victims' Assistance

Under the supervision of the Prosecuting Attorney, the Victims Assistance Advocacy Program is designed to insure that ALL victims of crime involved in the criminal justice system receive the benefit of all community services that are necessary and/or available for them to regain their physical and emotional well-being, by means of a comprehensive intervention and advocacy program. The Victims Assistance Coordinator works under the general direction of the County Prosecutor and performs all of the mandated requirements outlined in the Michigan Crime Victims Rights Act, and performs advocate duties within the criminal justice system. The Victims Assistance Programs mission is to insure that all victims of crime receive proper notification and ability to exercise their rights as entitled under the Michigan Crime Victims Rights Act. 

     Currently Leelanau County has .8 fte’s funded through our state victim rights contract. The Victims Rights Coordinator provides direct services to all victims and witnesses of crime; including crisis intervention and advocacy support; keeps victims informed of their rights and obligations; provides information on the status of an investigation or court case, including plea negotiations; keeps victims apprised of scheduled court proceedings, as to dates, times and places of any court hearing; assistance with court preparation by explaining court process; support during court hearings; offering a safe and private area while waiting to testify; assistance in property release and assistance in establishing restitution; assist in Victims Compensation claims; assist with victim impact statements; prepare all correspondence in accordance with the Victim Rights Act; prepare all required reports for the Crime Victim Services Commission; make appropriate referrals to community resources.

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This page last updated on 11/23/2020.

Laurie LaCross, Crime Victims' Rights Advocate

(231)256-9872 office; (231)256-0133 fax

General Office Hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Please call ahead to make an appointment to speak with an advocate, as our schedules and availability may vary depending on current case loads, court schedules and educational conferences.