Report A... Complaint on a Short-Term Rental

1.  If the complaint involves an emergency, trespassing, a threatening situation, or disturbance of the peace, you may contact  911 or the Leelanau County Sheriff's Department at 231-256-8800.

2.  You may contact the Owner of the Short Term Rental and/or the designated 24 Hour Contact for that rental.

3.  You may contact the 24/7 Hotline or website hosted by Host Compliance, Inc., who has been retained by Bingham Township to record complaints.

                   The 24/7 Hotline is (231) 201-4007

                   The website is:

4.  You may contact the Office of Planning & Zoning during normal office hours to register a complaint or leave a voice message. (231) 271-2722 ext. 3.

5.  Any complaints regarding pets should be registered with the Leelanau County Animal Control Officer.

All complaints must include the exact time, date, location, and nature of the issue to be considered as a violation.

The complaint should be directly related to a provision of the Bingham Township Short Term Rental Ordinance.

The township can only enforce complaints if there is a violation of the Bingham Township Short Term Rental Ordinance.

This page last updated on 10/12/2022.