New Recycling Site at Buntings Cedar Market

by Trudy Galla
Friday, January 20, 2023

Buntings Cedar Market in Cedar is a new location for recycling drop-off containers.  Owners Dottie & Greg Bunting and Manager Bill Bailey stepped forward and offered a location behind the store for location of the recycling bins.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday, January 13 with long-time resident and promoter of recycling - Ray Pleva, along with Mark Polinko of Marlin Design who did the drawings for the site, and representatives from Solon Township, the County, hauler GFL, and citizens.  Many thanks to all those who assisted with this new location, along with zoning administrator Tim Cypher for assistance through the review process.  

Be sure to use the site properly - no dumping of materials, do not leave anything on the ground, and pick up items that fall or blow out and place them back in the bins.  Help Leelanau County maintain clean, attractive recycling locations.