Short Term Rentals

Suttons Bay Township

Short Term Rental Program

Short term rentals have always provided an important community benefit by expanding the number and type of lodging facilities available. In an effort to balance the economic needs with the desired residential community character of the Township the Township Board adopted a Short Term Rental Ordinance that went into effect in 2018.

  • A short term rental is defined as any dwelling unit that is leased out for a period of less than 30 days at a time.
  • This Short Term Rental Ordinance applies to the rental of an entire dwelling unit. If you rent out a room or a portion of the dwelling unit while still residing on the property you fall under the Bed and Breakfast guidelines.
  • The Short Term rental permit requirements apply to the Residential Districts only. If you do not know if this applies to your property please call the office.

The Township Process:

  • The township will issue up to 150 Short Term Rental Permits per year. They will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • First time Applicants must submit an Application for a Short Term Rental Permit.
  • The permit fee is $200, to be paid annually.
  • In each subsequent year renewal applications will be accepted for the following year beginning October 1 and ending February 28. On March 1 of each year each application will be processed as they come in, regardless if it is a renewal or first-time application.
  • Short Term Rental Permits are not transferable from one property owner to another. If a property is sold or transferred, and the new owner wishes to continue the Short Term Rental, a new permit must be applied for.

For further information, please contact the township office at 231-271-2722, ext. 3.


If you have been issued a Short Term Rental Permit for 2020 and wish to apply for a 2021 permit, please fill out and submit this 2021 Renewal Application and submit with the $200.00 annual fee payable to Suttons Bay Township.


  1. Complaints regarding disorderly conduct or trespassing should be directed to the Leelanau County Sheriff's Department.
  2. Complaints may be directed to the Short-Term Rental Owner's designated 24 Hour Local Contact. Here is the list for 2020: 2020 Short Term Rental List with  Contacts
  3. There is also a 24/7 Short Term Rental Hotline hosted by Host Compliance, Inc. This number is (800) STR-HELP (800-787-4357).
  4. Complaints regarding a Short Term Rental may be filed with the township zoning administrator at 231-271-2722 ext. 3, or email at  
  5. Complaints regarding pets should be directed the Leelanau County Animal Control Office.

All complaints must include the date, time, and nature of the event to be considered as a violation of the Short Term Rental Ordinance.

Short Term Rental Ordinance

Short Term Rental Permit Application

Short Term Rental Application Policy

B&B Standards

2021 Short Term Rental Renewal Application

2020 List of Short Term Rentals and Contacts

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