Leelanau General Plan (current) and Proposed Amendment

The Leelanau General Plan is intended to serve as the foundation for planning on the Peninsula. Developed with support and guidance from many citizens and all local governments in the County, the Plan sets forth a vision of balanced growth to protect and enhance the County’s high quality of life. To attain that vision, the Plan provides a policy framework that is founded on coordination between the County’s governments and citizens.

The Leelanau General Plan is a complex document. A great deal of background information, policy guidelines, and recommendations are provided to assist citizens and governments in research and decision making. However, the basic premise of the Plan is captured in the principal goal:

It is the principal goal of the Leelanau General Plan to establish a strategy for guiding growth that protects and, where possible, enhances the unique character of life on the peninsula. To that end, the General Plan focuses on balancing environmental protection, resource management, and economic development so as to provide a foundation for a suitable economy that permits long term prosperity for all present and future Leelanau County residents. The balance so achieved should not sacrifice environmental quality when reasonable and prudent development alternatives exist. This plan recognizes that a healthy economy depends on a healthy environment. Achievement of this goal means protecting the integrity of the land base for use by present generations without unnecessarily compromising the options of future generations.

The General Plan was first adopted in 1995. Updates were approved by the Leelanau County Planning Commission in 2000, 2005, and 2012.

Final Draft of General Plan - November 2019

Summary of changes to the General Plan - November 2019

BELOW ARE THE CURRENT CHAPTERS, AND 'PROPOSED' CHAPTERS FROM THE 2019 DRAFT AMENDED PLAN.  The proposed chapters were worked on for approximately 18 months and were revised following a public comment period and public hearing.  The link above shows the final draft version from the November 2019 meeting of the county planning commission. The commission will be considering action on this final draft at its December 17, 2019 meeting.  


Part One:  Peninsular View

Chapter 1:  Intergovernmental Cooperation & Regional Context
Proposed Chapter 1
Chapter 2:  Preservation of Peninsula Character
Proposed Chapter 2
Chapter 3:  Working with Nature
Proposed Chapter 3
Chapter 4:  Balanced Growth
Proposed Chapter 4
Chapter 5:  Growth Guidelines and Decision Maps
Proposed Chapter 5

Part Two:  Functional View

Chapter 6:  Natural Resources and the Environment
Proposed Chapter 6
Chapter 7:  Transportation
Proposed Chapter 7
Chapter 8:  Public Facilities and Physical Services
Proposed Chapter 8
Chapter 9:  Non-Municipal Public Services
Proposed Chapter 9
Chapter 10:  Economic Development
Proposed Chapter 10
Chapter 11:  Human Services and Facilities
Proposed Chapter 11
Chapter 12:  Land Use
Proposed Chapter 12

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