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Roads. There are a few major roadwork projects on the Horizon. These are not Township projects, but they will likely impact most Township residents. 

  • Click here to access MDOT's US-31/M-72 Rebuilding Project (Traverse City) project webpage. This webpage includes maps showing the project overview as well as detours. MDOT plans to rebuild a 2-mile section of US-31/M-37/M-72 (Grandview Parkway/Front Street) in Traverse City in 2023 and 2024 from the US-31/M-37/M-72 west junction (Division Street) to just east of Garfield Road. This project will result in operational enhancements at the intersections of Division Street, Hall Street, Front Street, and Peninsula Drive, drainage improvements, Americans with Disabilities Act review and upgrades, repairs to the Murchie Bridge over the Boardman River, and new signs and pavement markings. 
  • Click here to access MDOT's M-72/M-22 Rebuilding Project (Grand Traverse County) project webpage. This webpage includes information pertaining to MDOT's plans to rebuild a 2.2-mile section of M-72 (Grandview Parkway) from Division Street in Traverse City and M-22 (Bay Shore Drive) to Cherry Bend Road in Elmwood Township in 2025. The proposed rebuilding work will remove the concrete and composite (asphalt over concrete) pavements and restore the surface condition and ride quality to good condition; address drainage issues, including curb and gutter, storm sewer, culverts; replace sidewalks and nonmotorized paths; make sidewalk ramp upgrades to Americans with Disabilities Act standards; make operational enhancements at the M-72 /M-22 intersection; upgrade the traffic signal at Cherry Bend Road; and improve access management where possible. 

Timberlee Water System.

  • Timberlee Water System Map (posted at 9/25/2023 informational meeting).
  • On 9/25/2023 an informational meeting was held at Township Hall. The mailing that was sent to system users can be found by clicking here
    • The PowerPoint given at said meeting can be viewed by clicking here. Note that this PowerPoint includes disclaimers that were added after the meeting; said disclaimers were stated verbally at the meeting. 
    • A brief summary of the improvement options that was prepared by the Township Engineer can be viewed by clicking here.
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