Short Term Rental Information

UPDATE 04/07/2022: To-date, the Zoning Administrator (ZA) has issued 79 licenses to complete applications.

UPDATE 12/01: To-date, the Zoning Administrator (ZA) has received 72 applications.

 The ZA is working on reviewing applications. As per the Licensing Ordinance, the Township has until 12/31 to issue licenses for this first round. The ZA is reviewing applications in the order in which they were received. To-date, (12/01), the ZA has notified the owners of the first 40 applications of any items that are missing in their applications. The ZA is continuing to review applications in the order in which they were received and will email owners if their applications are missing anything. The ZA will follow up with a call.

 The ZA has not issued any licenses; she hopes to finish her review of all applications prior to issuing licenses. Owners will be notified if/when a license is issued.

At a meeting on September 30, 2021, the Township Board approved two Ordinances which allows 93 short term rentals with a license in the Township. Certified copies of these Ordinances can be accessed below:

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Ordinance 2021-03

Short Term Rental Licensing Ordinance 2021-02

Notice of the adoption of the above two Ordinances was published in the Leelanau Enterprise on 10/6/2021.

The Ordinances do not go into effect until 30 days following publication. The Township will not accept license applications until the Ordinances go into effect. That said, license applications will not be accepted until the next following business day which is Monday, November 8th, 2021

The License application is still being finalized. Once it is finalized it will be made available online both on this page as well as on the 'Applications and Forms' page. Hard copies will also be available at Township Hall. 

STR License Application - Note that you can fill the application out using your computer, but you will need to print the application once it is filled out and submit it and required documentation to the Township to be considered for a license. 

STR Fee Resolution - Fees for this round of licensing will be $600 for each license application. 

FAQ Regarding Ordinances - COMING SOON