Short Term Rental Committee Work

Short-term Rental Ordinance Development Committee
On November 9, 2023, Village Council established a special committee to draft a registration ordinance and any other forms that may be necessary to implement a Short-Term Rental Ordinance. The deadline for this committee to complete its work is March 7, 2024. The deadline for this committee to complete its charge has been extended until May 7, 2024.

The committee consists of 2 council members and 2 planning commissioners:
Robert Chase, March Dye, Carey Ford, and Meg Walton

01/04/2024 Minutes
01/16/2024 Minutes
01/24/2024 Minutes
02/06/2024 Minutes
02/15/2024 Minutes 
02/21/2024 Minutes
02/29/2024 Minutes
03/13/2024 Minutes 
03/26/2024 Minutes 
04/09/2024 Minutes

DRAFT STR Committee Work
DRAFT STR Application
DRAFT Good Neighbor Guide
DRAFT STR Ordinance
DRAFT STR Ordinance 4
DRAFT STR Ordinance 5

Communications Received
Letters can be sent to at any time and will be distributed to Village Council. Letters are typically received and read out loud at the next village council meeting.
Mary Sharry 12.12.2023
Lawrence Epple 12.19.2023
Ina Hacker 01.17.2024
Randy Parks 01.23.2024
Matt Cauchy 01.23.2024
Blacquiere, Marks, Weller, Young 02.03.2024
David Taghon 02.06.2024
Carl Spina 02.07.2024
Carol Purcell, Roland Woodring 02.07.2024
Trish Baker 02.14.2024
David Taghon, Mark and Tina Dunphey 02.15.2024
Thomas Isleib 02.17.2024
McNutt 02.23.2024
Taghon, Dunphey 03.10.2024
Cheryl Clark 03.14.2024
Sonnema, De Witt 03.21.2024
DeBoer 03.23.2024
Murray 03.22.2024
Ludlow 03.26.2024
Avis 03.26.2024
Haiderer 03.28.2024
Kroll 04.02.2024
Sonnema DeWitt 04.03.2024
Tank, Dezelski, Pohlod, Cogan, Weaver 04.03.2024
Blacquiere 04.05.2024
Hoekstra 04.06.2024
Sharry 04.07.2024

Reports Submitted
2020 Seasonal Rental Committee Report
2023 Short-Term Rental Commitee Report

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